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  Presently residing in Dubai, UAE.  
  Hi,  I am T.P.Shashidharan, presently working with Al Naboodah Contracting   Company, Dubai, U.A.E  as a professional in Stores Management..  I hail from Tellicherry, Kerala, India

Idea of this homepage is to abridge friendship - those who had lost my contacts from school/college days and while at job.

Please do send me an email or atleast  enter your details in my guest book and I will try to contact each one of you. 

This page is hosted on 2nd Sept.'98

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Sept 2, 1998
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  T.P. Shashidharan
205 A, Hendon Avenue, Mt. Albert. Auckland
TEL:  00649 8467525

Home/Family Address
Sathram Road, P.O. Dharmadam
Tellicherry, Kerala, India

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