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  Presently residing in Sydney, Australia (NSW)  

Hi,  I am T.P.Shashidharan, presently residing in Sydney,Australia I hail from Tellicherry, Kannur Dist. Kerala, India.I was brought up in Mhow(M.P) I had travelled and worked in countries like Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and now settled in New Zealand. I made friends all over and in the past fifty years of my life. My original intention to host this site was to get in touch with all my old friends with whom I lost contacts. I did get back quite some of them.(Batchmates Click here)

Since long I had been curious to know more about the hidden truth of our Body, Mind and Spirit. I practiced Hypnotism at the age of twenty and worked through reincarnation,purpose of "Life" etc. The search took me to various fields of life experiences which were spiritual and dynamic theories and at last I got into an ancient doctrine "Pranic Healing". Here I am,with many of such healers available to do something for mankind and to help choose an alternative method of medicine to heal.

I am more into distant healing and can be conducted by email or by phone calls.

Phone: 0061416547844 or 0061297896941







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