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Modern Science has uncovered many mysteries to us. Whatever science proved to us, we have accepted, as these are acceptable when we think logically in our current space and time, rather practical- modern- atmosphere. Yet there are various things in this universe that could not be revealed by science and the fundamentals are existing in the olden mythology. One of these mysteries is reincarnation.

One day, not very far, it would be uncovered too; what is life after death! What is reincarnation? Is it logical? What proof we have? Yes. This is the beginning to think over. Let us all contribute what we have heard, seen, witnessed and learn more from our social contacts to create and update a page like this and help to get the clue. To start with; few fundamentals I quote from the Bhagavat -gita :


 Dehino ‘smin yatha dehe

Kaumaram yauvanam jara

Tatha dehantara prptir

Dhira tatra na muhyati


dehinah= of the embodied; asmin=in this; yatha=as ; dehe= in the body; kumaram=boyhood; yauvanam= youth; jara=old age; tatha=similarly; deha-antara= of transference of the body; praptih= achievement; dhirah= the sober; tatra= thereupon; na=never; muhhyati=is deluded.

TRANSLATION: As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to the youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.

Sariram yad avapnoti

yac capy utkramatisvarah

grhitvaitani samyati

vayur gandhan ivasayat

sariram=the body; yat =as; avapnoti= gets; yat =as; ca api=also; utkramati= gives up; isvrah= the lord of the body; grhitva=taking; etani=all these; samyati=goes away; vayuh= the air; gandhan=smells; iva=like;asyat=from their source.


TRANSLATION: The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another, as the air carries aromas. Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another.

PURPORT: Here the living entity is described as isvara, the controller of his own body. If he likes, he can change his body to a higher grade, and if he likes he can move to a lower class. Minute independence is there. The change his body undergoes depends upon him. At the time of death, the consciousness he has created will carry him on to the next type of body. If he made his consciousness like that of a cat or dog, he is sure to change to a cat's or dog's body. And if he has fixed his consciousness on godly qualities, he will change into the form of a demigod. And if is in Krishna consciousness, he will be transferred to Krishnaloka in the spiritual world and will associate with Krishna. It is a false claim that after the annihilation of this body everything is finished. The individual soul is transmigrating from one body to another, and his present body and present activities are the background of his next body. One gets a different body according to karma and he has to quit this body in due course. It is stated here that the subtle body, which carries the conception of the next body, develops another body in the next life. This process of transmigrating from one body to another and struggling while in the body is called karsati, or struggle for existence.


The Wheel of Life Goes Round adn Round:

Why are you here?

Simply put, you planned this life in advance before coming to earth. Earth is a class room, and we are students learning as much as we can so we can perfect ourselves. Think of yourself as a diamond in the rough. How you handle your experiences, and what you learn from them, is how you are cut and polished. Each situation that is resloved with love reveals another beautiful facet of yourself. When you have gone though the total range of experinces that life has to offer wtih love adn compassion, you have reached perfection. You return home to the heart of God, and live forever in a world that is too beautiful for our minds to grasp.

What is Your Soul?

Your soul is the essence and sum total of who you are from the beginning of time. Every thought, word,action,feeling and millisecond of your lifetimes on earth and in the spirit worlds are part of your soul's memory. This comes in handy, because the things you learn in one lifetime stay with you in the next, and you do't have to take that particular class over again. It's a "been there, done that" kind of thing.

I believe we live over and over again, not in the same body, but in different bodies and in different places. When we decide to return to earth and master new opportunities fro growth, we map out a plan for the earthly existence while still in spiritual realms. During this process, we decide on the circumstances and event we want to encounter. We choose our sex, our nationality; our race, our country, everything that will support our plan for a new life on earth.We do this so we can experience evry possible liefestyle imaginable, to help work through our soul lessons- to learn how to relate to others, transorm a situation for the better, or be more tolerant. For instance, if you were born in a country like India, South Africa, or China, you might have to learn to overcome hardship or to value life, and be fore assuming your earthly body, you picked that place for optimum growth.

Living over and over is called reincarnation and many millions of people all over the world believe in it. It is a part of a journey through a variety of cultures and lives. Talents and abilities cultivated in earlier lifetimes is what you see in the child prodigy who can play the piano like a pro at the age of six, or some one who can play the sport so well..etc.

The term deja vu (French) means "already seen" is the state when you recall that you had been here before. This happens to many people and that is how soul hints you of your earlier existence.Hypnosis can bring your that state of mind and it is possible to open the past lives scientifically in modern days. (I have tried to a certain limit and not gone beyond a stage where subject could really figure out time and particulars in an orderly manner. I still need to work hard on this )

When we are born, everything we need to fulfill our sould plan in this lifetime is buried deep within our souls. All those lifetimes of experience are piled up inside you, sort of lke the stuff inside your locker. So, all the answers to all your problems are already with in you, because your soul has accumalted a lot of wisdom.

Karma: What goes around comes around. Karma is essence , equals to action. What ever you give out, you will get back... Since we live many lifetimes, the Karmic cycles of cause and effect can span lifetimes. In other words, the results of your actions in this life may not be settled in this life or even your next one; likewise, you may be settling in this life karmic issues from previous lives. But whether it's in this life or another, you get to balance your actions- your Karma- at some point in the time/space paradigm of the material world. It is like a bank account, some times we add and we substract. At the end , we reconcile our account and balance..

The biggest cause of negative karma is our egos.


The whole of the Asiatic world believes in reincarnation, they have proof for it-they say so at least. That is- watch this, it is extraordinary- the thing that has been put together by time as the "me", the ego, that incarnates till that entity becomes perfect and is absorbed into the highest principle, which is Brahman, or what ever you like to call it. Time has created the centre, the "me", the ego, the personality, the character, the tendencies, and so on, and through reincarnation.


What is the meaning of death ? " The mutation in consciousness is the ending of time, which is the ending of the "me" which has been produced through time." By J. Krishamoorti.


11th Dec 2007: I had an opportunity to visit the Nadi Jyothish in Little Kanjipuram in 2005. I was inquisitive to know about my previous birth and it was revealed that I belonged to Yadav family of North India. This tribe I believe is associated with Lord Krishna. I was in charge of the accounts of some sort sort and I had done some malpractices in those days and had to undergo a rebirth this century. It could not be very well established and hence no proof of this is possible. I wish I would one day get more clues though some medium or clarevoyants as this is still my fascination to know this.

I have the following to say in this matter: The world's most foremost expert on ewincarnation is Professor Ian Stevenson.Canadian -born, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University off Virginia, USA, has spent many years investigating cases from around the world.

I read a book "Reincarnation-True Stories of Past Lives" by Roy Stemman recently. He is the backbone of Life & Soul Magazine.The book has wonderful experiences on this topic and I validate that these are true stories and recorded.

Around the globe, the burial grounds of past civilisations testify to the fact that early men believed in an after-life. Everyday items were buried with the dead for use in the next life(The Egyptians believed 4000 years ago that their pharaohs would reincarnate. In India's earlierst known writings (the ones on this page top in Sanskrit)of Hinduism it is evident. In Buddism too. In Tibetan, led by Dalai Lama, rebirth and Karma play important roles. Hinduism gave birth to Sikhism and Jainism in India which accepts reincarnation.

I will quote few lines from the book:

Every soul comes into this world strenghened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of its previous life. Its place in this world, as a vessel appointed to honour or dishonour, is determined by its previous merits or demirits.Its work in this world determines its place in the world which is to follow this....

There are cases in the book where young children, soon after they learn to speak, that they are someone else and want to be taken to where they belong.(Many cases in India, Sri Lanka, Burma etc)

The concluding lines of the book says: "In the end,reincarnation is not about case studies,academic analysis, statistics,patterns,facts and fifures. It is about pople -you and me. It is about contemplating the possibility that the life we are currently living is but one of many. It suggests that we each have an immortal element, a devine spark, an indestrucible soul, which survives bodily death, and it follows that we each have a purpose in life.

If just one of the case studies quoted in this book has satisfied you that an individual has lived more than one, then that opens the door to the possibility that reincarnation is a universal law which embraces everyone. It is for you and I to decide what effect that realisation will have on the rest of our lives...and those we can look forward to living in the future."

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